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That’s why I love you. You’re big on happy endings.

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I’m sensing a theme with all of these pictures = distorted/burned face.

Scenario 1:

Remember when everyone thought Hanna had a twin one time? What if Bethany/her twin is related to Hanna through her dad? When know he cheated once, who’s to say he couldn’t of hooked up with someone else? It would kind of explain how Hanna’s always interwined with twins.

Scenario 2:

I would think that Bethany is related to either the Hastings or the DiLaurentis. I mean why not? I think if Bethany was related to both/either or, it would explain why BW hates Alison and Spencer so much.

Scenario 3:

We don’t know much about Bethany. We still have no idea what she looks like, is that a clue that she looks like someone we know? I don’t think she’s a twin to the girls or anyone older. She was 17 when she escaped Radley and Ali and the girls were only 15 at that time. So she could just be related to anyone on PLL, like the BW.

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Got a secret, can you keep it?

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The women of Pretty Little Liars 

Inspired by this

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Every Pretty Little Liars Episode5x01- EscApe From New York

"There’s no art to this war, Spencer."

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pretty little liars rewatch
↳ 2x16

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The difficult thing I tell my fans [who are dealing with something similar] is that it’s not something that you get over. I believe in honoring the fact that every day they wake up and take a step toward health, honoring their body and taking care of themselves. Just remembering that they are young, beautiful and unique is worth everything in this world. What’s important is making the choice to take care of yourself today. And then making that same choice again in five minutes, in an hour, until one day you’re like, ‘Hey, what was I dealing with?’

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Ashley Benson as the Face of H&M Divided, Summer 2014

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Lucy Hale and Ian Harding showing up to work in matching clothes.

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